How to Upgrade the IT Customer Experience


No one has ever said, “Oh my God, you know what I love about my company... talking to IT.” Seriously, why is that a joke? The problem is, IT measures themselves internally: How many tickets did we create, and how fast did we close those tickets? But look where that got us. To get back on top, we need to throw everything that we have done before out the window and start over new.

Are You an “IT Flat Earther?”


Like flat earthers, many IT professionals are well-intentioned, and completely confident in what they think they know about IT, yet their core assumptions about IT service are not fact-based.

How to Max Out on Continual Improvement in IT Service


Too often, IT improvement initiatives derail because they end up being incremental, have unclear objectives, or are using the wrong metrics. Here’s a case for a “go big or go home” philosophy to continually improving the IT experience for your company.

How Changing IT Culture Could Save Our Industry


As IT professionals, we love talking about team culture, and for good reason. If your team spends their day fixing problems for a living, a great team culture can make all the difference. But what about the culture of our industry as a whole?

10 New Rules for IT in 2020


It’s a new year. It’s a new decade. It’s a new industry. When people change, as our end users have, we have to evolve as well.

3 Steps to Help Your Team Define and Measure Success


A few months ago, I held the last all hands meeting I would ever host as Senior Director of IT at Verizon Media. In this last global team meeting, I was thrilled to announce that, after four years chasing the audacious goal of providing the best IT customer experience in the entire industry, they had somehow achieved it, and according to the most vicious and accurate metrics available. My new year’s resolution is to empower as many teams as possible to get that same experience of achieving their most audacious goals.


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