from service
to experience

Our platform tells you what your employees really think of IT
and what you can do to
transform them from last resort to celebrated resource

Five simple metrics
Icon of graph representing each metric of our process; Quality, Speed, Technical Knowledge, Approachability, and Communication.
At-a-glance insights
Icon showing QSTAC score as an at-a-glance insight on our platform
Improved IT Experience

Innovative leaders already use QSTAC®
to measure their employee's IT experience

The damaging IT disconnect

For employees and executives
the experience of interacting with IT is frustrating

What employees WANT

• empathetic tech consultants
• clear communicators with seamless resolutions
• partners in the business

What employees GET

efficiency driven interactions •
counter-intuitive processes and solutions •
a necessary evil •

QSTAC platform on a laptop screen

Help your
employees work with IT
rather than around IT

“QSTAC provides strategic insights into service delivery
to help transform IT from a 'necessary evil'
into an essential business partner”

Ben Haines
Yahoo/Verizon Media, CIO

How QSTAC® Works

1. Discover

 Ask your employees and end-users the right questions

2. Understand

Know what your employees really think of IT

3. Collaborate

Turn your actionable feedback into a unified strategy

4. Deploy

Align your teams to deliver an employee-centric experience

QSTAC® helps guide change

Headshot of Svein Hagen

"I had a gut feeling there were gaps in our service delivery,
but didn't know exactly what they were or how to fix them...
After 10 minutes diving into our QSTAC readout,
I understood our customer's experience with IT better than I ever had before"

Svein Hagen
Tech Support Lead, ACV Auctions

"There really isn't a great way for IT to measure and improve support services
based on customer-centeric metrics today...
QSTAC is essentially automated continual service improvement,
like CSI in a box that actually works."

Jeff Rumberg
CEO & Managing Partner, MetricNet & DeepCoding AI
Top 25 Thought Leader 2020, HDI
Headshot of Jeff Rumberg




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